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Anna Cloarec December 21, 2016
Digital Humanities – Collections and Connections
Professor: Kimon Keramidas


A) Goals & historiography:

In The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Walter Benjamin discusses new technologies and the way they have transformed the Arts. He notices that new technologies, photography in particular, modifies the perception we have of artworks. To him, new technologies also transform the artworks themselves because they alter their uniqueness. For Benjamin, reproduction, that is the result of these new technologies, makes an object lack its authenticity. However it also allows us to reach other realities. For example, reproduction of an artwork enables the viewer to zoom in and out on the object. Reproductions in a broad sense magnify our perception of the artwork and enable us to look literally closer, the way nature did not allow us […]

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“Good or Evil” – a museum game about animals in our visual culture

About the game

21st Century Animal, the biggest movie production company in the animal world, is accepting auditions for its new title. You and another human being are selected to be part of the judging panel. Based on the still frame, you need to evaluate the nature of a candidate’s portrayed role by marking the frame with one of the stickers (good, kind of good, cannot tell, kind of evil, evil). The company only hires a candidate if he/she received at least 5 out of 8 unanimous votes from you and the other judge, and will delegate either the hero or the villain role to the new hire according to the judging panel’s evaluation.

You will only see the altered frames during evaluation. According to the animal anti-discrimination law, all candidates’ identities are covered during the audition. Only the hired candidates will reveal their identities.

This industry is competitive; you only […]

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Here’s the link to Learning To Love You More, a project orchestrated by Harold Fletcher and Miranda July from 2002 to 2009.

…for Shoshanah’s research (an interesting pre-social media ubiquity example) and for others to enjoy.



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Final Project Proposal – Culture is the Battlefront

Project Summary

Culture is the Battlefront: Black-Puerto Rican Artivism in New York City, 1962-1982 is a digital exhibition that narrates 1970s social movements through the lens of cultural activism.  Centering on the establishment and early activities of El Museo del Barrio, the nation’s first Latino museum, the exhibition recovers the little-known and oft overlooked history of “community” museums, galleries, and “alternative” art spaces founded by ethnic minorities across the country during the 1960s and 1970s.

The story of the founding of El Museo del Barrio (literally the “neighborhood museum” in Spanish) in 1969 by artist, educator, and activist Rafael Montanez Ortiz offers a microcosm of concurrent social movements including the Black and Nuyorican (New York Puerto Rican) Arts Movements, community control, black and Puerto Rican ethnic nationalism, and the emergence of politicized artist-activist collectives.

Culture is the Battlefront utilizes photographs, oral histories, and archival materials (exhibition posters, catalogs, radical activist newspapers, etc.), […]

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Final Project Proposal – Romantic App/Website

For my final project, I am setting out to create an app and accompanying website that is deeply rooted in Romantic ideology. As of right now, I have quite a few ideas that I would like to look into with this project that may have to be scaled down in the future; but, for now, I will do my best to connect the different these ideas so as to share the overarching reasoning behind my proposal at large.

In previous class sessions, I have mentioned my history as a former high school English teacher and the concern that I hold for today’s students in regard to their lack of communicative abilities and the apathy with which they carry out their daily lives. I cannot stress enough how difficult it is to watch young people struggle with the nuances of the social landscape of high school from the […]

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Final Project Proposal

Compare and Contrast: Art Documentation Authorship and Authority

For my final project for Digital Humanities: Collections and Connections, I propose to build a website that serves as a comparative platform for installation art documentation practices in three environments: archives, galleries and artist studios. By gathering and organizing materials related to a single artwork each by artists Allan Kaprow, Jason Rhoades and the collaborative pair Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, I hope to parse out different concerns and domain precedents exhibited by archives, galleries and artists, respectively, in their efforts to preserve works that are both complex and ephemeral. For my case studies, I have selected artists that use interior spaces as the substrate for their work and whose installations involve multiple, often variable, components. I hope to access materials – be they finding aids, photographs, video, installation manuals, etc. – and organize them in a manner, to be determined, that bypasses […]

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Digital Archive: Transatlantic by Hamadi Ben Saad (Tunisia)

This project is aimed at presenting a transnational provocation regarding the ethics of digital collaboration between western scholars and local artists. Hamadi Ben Saad is a nationally recognized Tunisian painter and his work is considered by many to represent the voice of Tunisia. His work is also prominent in private collections and public spaces through out Tunisia. While conducting historical research in Tunis, Ben Saad and I developed a friendship and the artist gifted me a flash drive with over 1000 images of his work created between 2004-2014. Ben Saad’s intention was for me to write a history of his work and life as an expression of Tunisia. I would like to use Ben Saad’s digitized portfolio, to create an historically legible archive.

One major consideration, I do not have any meta data at this time. I will need to communicate with Ben Saad to make this record available. aThe physical […]

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Final Project Proposal-Bringing Awareness to Prison Censorship

For my final project, I would like to explore censorship in correctional facilities. Having worked in both public and academic libraries, I’m acutely aware of the disinvestment threat that faces the modern library. Curious about the degree of library services made available to this already immensely overlooked population, I decided to investigate banned books within the nation’s prison system. Though my research is in a nascent stage, I discovered some information that suggests both strict and arbitrary distinctions on what is and what is not allowed within barred walls. Furthermore, the structures in place to define such distinctions are seemingly unconstitutional.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) illustrates the most vivid example of this problem. Texas holds a database of about 15,000 banned books for prisoners. To an extent, there are set guidelines meant to justify why a particular book is restricted. However, often the judgment is left up to […]

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Shoshanah’s Final Project Proposal: #digitalhappening


“The point is to make something
that doesn’t even remotely remind you of culture.”
– Allan Kaprow

A happening is an event or occurrence. In the fifties the term was used by Allan Kaprow to describe an artistic movement that emphasized the fluidity between theatrical performance and everyday-life. In his book ‘The Sixties’ Kaprow describes happenings as being non-linear; lacking a traditional narrative structure. The purpose of a happening was not to tell a story, but rather to draw focus to particular occurrences.

In her book ‘Greenwich Village 1963,’ Sally Banes talks about the reinvention of community by the avant-garde artists in New York City during the sixties. “They connected their search for community with the politics of egalitarianism and liberation” (79). She concludes that “their community—like their art—was plugged into what Marshall McLuhan termed the ‘global village’ being created by the electronic mass media” (80).

My project aims to expand […]

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Final project proposal : My museum

Where does it come from?

My final project is based on three different factors. First it is based on my experience as an art history undergrad trying to find techniques to remember large numbers of art works and their specific information: Name of the artist, his dates of birth and death, the title of the work, the date it was made, the medium in which it was made, its dimensions and finally the city and the museum it was in. Second it based on the observation that, as Nancy Protor mentions in Digital: Museum as Platform, Curator as Champion, in the Age of Social Media “People share their own photos, videos, and links about and to museums around the world through platforms that are not in the museum’s control.” When posting their pictures on social media, people also tend to forget to mention the information related to the works. Finally […]

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Final Project Proposal – Story Builder

For my final project, I want to strategize for, design, and mock-up a social networking site called Story Builder (working title—will most likely be changed). The idea for this website/social network is that it be a place where writers can get together virtually to create stories. Every day or week, depending on how popular the site would be and other factors, a story prompt will be posted on the homepage. Using their Story Builder account, users would add onto that prompt in Tweet-like snippets. I’m thinking the user contributions will be 200 characters rather than 140. Each user that decides to post will only be able to see the prompt and the previous user’s post (if there is one), as well as a list on the side that would keep track of character names added to the prompt.

For example,

Prompt: Andy whirled around. He’d been lost in the woods before, but […]

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Final Project Proposal: Museum of Storytelling


“The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”
– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Inspired by the TED talk, “The danger of a single story” of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, quoted above. I would like to explore the possible forms of storytelling and their implications. As a graduate student in Museum Studies, I am fascinated by how the stories been told in the museums. Usually, when one enters a museum, he/she receives a set of curated narratives. Even for a visitor who is rambling around the museum without any guidance, his/her perceptions of the objects have still been directed into certain ways by the exhibition design.
Certainly, not all narratives are considered to have the same effect when communicating ideas. Some narratives may be less effective and even unintentionally misleading. For example, the […]

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Final Project Proposal: The Missing Voice

History is written from the perspective of the winner is one of the common themes used to describe the implied bias of narratives that are passed on from historical events. The narratives of historical events become a treasured item that is passed from generation to generation. In the end, the history is not just the one who won but really is it the survivor of the event. These stories have been passed on in an analog forum but as we have entered the digital age the desire to hold on tight to the stories have possessed a need to store them in digital form.

Inspired by the History Moves project, I have become fascinated with the idea of creating stories in digital format and using that digital format to give life to a lost voice. The lost voice I would like to explore is women’s role in an international conflict, when looking […]

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My Project Proposal

My (as of now untitled) idea for a final project is a website with a corresponding app that would provide the user with the ability to compare the landscape of today with the landscape of a pre-colonized America. According to records, the physical landscape of this country has changed with the birth of colonization and the growth of the United States. This probably doesn’t come as a shock to anyone, but I’m not simply referring to the destruction of forests or the creation of landmasses and bodies of water, nor am I referring to the destruction of Native American villages. While all those changes are important, the changes can even be more subtle and unnoticed. Apparently, the way our trees physically grow has changed drastically since colonization. What if there was a way for us to know what the area we are standing in now looked like pre-1620? That is […]

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