Teaching (Hetero)Sexuality: 1960s Sexual Education Films in the United States

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United States sexual education programs are not a neutral force. Sexual education programs do not simply offer lessons in anatomy and biology, but also in specific forms of gendered social behavior and heterosexuality. In Sex [...]

Dead Lesbian Syndrome: An Analysis of Queer Representation

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Television is an integral part of American society. In Kathryn Montgomery’s book on advocacy groups and television, she writes, “Prime time [television] draws most of its material from contemporary American life […] Though the patterns [...]

Final Website Redesign on Google Slides

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Sex Education Timeline

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Topic Proposal

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Topic 1: Sex Education in the United States I originally wanted to look at virginity in historical perspective: what is it? What counts as ‘losing your virginity’ and how does heteronormativity influence this topic? As [...]

Bury Your Gays Timeline

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