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“Zygon Invasion.” Season 9, Episode 7. Doctor Who. BBC. Available in on Amazon and iTunes. If you have time, I highly recommend the next episode, “Zygon Inversion” as well.

Background/Definitions: Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) is a Time Lord: an alien species that can move through time and space, in his spaceship, “The Tardis.” Clara (Jenna Coleman) is his human companion, a sort of assistant and friend that travels with him. Zygons are aliens that can take on shapes of other life forms, including humans. In previous Dr. Who episodes, the Zygon home planet is destroyed and they are given refuge on Earth, on the condition that they take on human forms. The Zygon resettlement is overseen by the Osgoods: two “twin” women, one of whom is originally Zygon, the other human. No one knows which is which. The Osgoods work with UNIT, a fictional branch of the UN that investigates and combats paranormal and extraterrestrial threats to Earth. In this episode, we learn that one of the Osgoods has died, but we don’t know why. There are references to other episodes, but they are not important to the central themes that I’d like us to focus on in class: appearances, otherness, rights of other species, and revolution.

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Theory and Commentary

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