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My particular interest with the Sogdians is with their place along the greater "Silk Road" and the way in which they both interacted with their neighbors and the way they facilitated interaction between their neighbors.  Specifically, I'm looking to highlight Sogdiana's role as a crossroads between other societies, such as the Chinese, the people on the [...]

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Object Proposal

For my object study I would like to concentrate on objects connected with two of the religions practiced by the Sogdians: Buddhism and Hinduism. Although the artifacts are not numerous and rather sketchy, the influence of these two major world religions on Sogdians in Sogdiana and in the Sogdian colonies is undisputable. Most of my [...]

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Object Proposals

Item #46: “Sogdian Ancient Letter II” According to the notes, this letter was from a merchant in China to his family and business partner in Samarkand ca. 312 AD. If there’s a possibility to know what it actually said, I will be looking for what he mentioned the life in China as a merchant, how [...]

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Object Proposal

For my project on Christianity in Sogdiana, I have picked the thurbile, the fragment about Barshabba bringing Christianity to Merv, and the Christian refutation of Manichean doctrines. The thurbile depicts the crucifixion of Jesus, which fits into my theme if the thurbile is, in fact, Sogdian in origin. The text about Barshabba and the origins [...]

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Summer’s Object Proposal

Sogdian Objects Textile Fragment with Pearl Roundels with a Flower This silk textile Fragment was found during the excavations at Mount Mug in 1935.It will feature in my thematic essay about the movement of silk on the silk road and will highlight the trade of Sogdian made patterned silks for Chinese silks as well as [...]

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Christina’s Object Proposal

Item #143: “Stone bed, Anjia Tomb” From An Qie's [Anjia/An Jia] epitaph’s, we know that he held the position of sabao. Looking at the inscriptions, depictions, and objects found in his tomb may give more insight into the position of sabao. At the very least, An Qie serves as an example of a sabao. While [...]

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Joanna’s Object Proposal

I. Sale of a Slave Girl (Item #2) http://sogdians.nyufasedtech.com/admin/items/show/2 I will use this document in my research on the status and life experiences of women in the world of Sogdiana. In the sources I have examined so far, women are discussed as either wives, concubines, or slaves. I am interested in studying the intersection of the [...]

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Liz’s Object Proposal

Object Proposal: Contextualizing Physical and Iconographical Crossroads Objects Ampulla of Saint Menas Omeka: no info 6th-7th centuries CE (similar examples at the Cleveland Museum of Art and Walters Art Gallery) Further information on Columbia’s “Treasures of Heaven” and individual museum pages Dish from Bol' she Anikovskoe with the Siege of Jericho and Joshua Conquests 9th-10th [...]

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Aleena’s Object Proposal

Objects chosen: #2: Sale contract of slave-girl [Sogdian Language Contract for the Purchase of a Female Slave] #243: Fragment of a Wall Painting with a Scene from Mahabharata #145: panel of funerary bed depicting the Sagdid ceremony #56: Zoroastrian prayer, the Ashem Vohu, Sogdian MS #305: A letter from Arab governor to supreme priest of Samarqand #299: Two-headed Buddha [...]

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Object Proposal

Senmurv Ewer (Item #173) I am interested in looking at this piece through the thematic lens “who were the Sogdians socially?” There are other ewers that are plain but this one has so much detail. In the object notes it mentions the Zoroastrian mythological creature connection, but I want to further explore the relevance of [...]

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