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Buddhism, Hinduism, and Multilinguism

I would like to concentrate on three topics, which are quite closely interrelated. Buddhism and Buddhist art in Sogdiana: the Sogdians as transmitters of Buddhism from India to the East. On several occasions we hear and read that there were numerous traces of Buddhist influence in Sogdiana. Numerous iconographic borrowings can be observed in Sogdian [...]

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Theme Essay Proposal

  1.Silk on the “Silk Road” Sogdians moved silk  as a trade good across the territories connected by the trade routes known as the silk road. Many types of silk circulated and not just east to west as might usually be assumed. Nicholas Sims-Williams, in “The Sogdian Merchants in China and India”, makes the point [...]

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Aleena’s Theme Proposal

Themes: Religion People Language/Text In choosing my themes I ended up looking at the three themes under one umbrella theme and how they connect to and provide information about each other. I would consider my main theme to be religion. Most of our readings have shown that Sogdian religion has neither been singular or constant. [...]

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Christina’s Theme Proposal

Music Making As a musician, I was intrigued by the Zoroastrian concept of paradise meaning “House of the Song of Praise.” While some of the sources we have read so far have mentioned music or dance, we have read very little about Sogdian music making. In his article “Religious Diversity among Sogdian Merchants in Sixth-century [...]

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Ariel’s Theme Proposal

I Sogdians Socially Yes, the Sogdians were merchants. However, we have learned that the Sogdians loved music, drinking, and dancing. I want to explore what their social traditions and rituals were. I doubt they drank purely because they liked to be drunk. What were their customs? Did they have specific rituals containing certain events at [...]

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Theme Proposal

For my project, I would like to work within the people and religion themes. From what I have learned of the Sogdians thus far, it seems like you cannot separate the two from each other. Religion (or at least the structure of) leaks into their architecture, burial rites, and possibly everyday life. Within these larger [...]

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Julie’s Theme Proposals

Economics / Silk / Silver: Trade in craft materials   When studying the history of arts and objects, it is often easy to overlook the materials that were necessary to their production. Many of these, such as dyes and pigments, were not readily accessible to artisans, and therefore had to be sourced and traded over [...]

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Joanna’s Theme Proposal

I - Sogdian Women I am interested in studying the roles and status of Sogdian women. The material that we have looked at so far presents women in essentially two contexts: as wives, or as “dancing girls”, the latter bearing a connection to either an appearance or a reality of prostitution. Valerie Hansen notes that [...]

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Soley Esteves – Theme Proposal

Sogdians in China: Jewelry, Heavenly Horses, and Iconographic Crossroads            The three themes I will focus on for my object analysis fall under an umbrella theme—Sogdians in China. From the class readings and sessions we’ve engaged with thus far, Lerner’s texts and the Chinese-Sogdian archaeological oeuvre captivated my interest. For this [...]

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Matt’s Theme Proposal

The Sogdians as Silk Road Intermediaries Religious Intermediaries Many of the Chinese sources we have about the Sogdians mention them in relation to Buddhism.  Research suggests that the Sogdians were instrumental in bringing the practice of Buddhism to China.  We know that they were responsible for translating some of the sutras from Sanskrit to Chinese, [...]

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