Liz’s Object Proposal

Object Proposal: Contextualizing Physical and Iconographical Crossroads Objects Ampulla of Saint Menas Omeka: no info 6th-7th centuries CE (similar examples at the Cleveland Museum of Art and Walters Art Gallery) Further information on Columbia’s “Treasures of Heaven” and individual museum pages Dish from Bol' she Anikovskoe with the Siege of Jericho and Joshua Conquests 9th-10th [...]

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Soley Esteves – Theme Proposal

Sogdians in China: Jewelry, Heavenly Horses, and Iconographic Crossroads            The three themes I will focus on for my object analysis fall under an umbrella theme—Sogdians in China. From the class readings and sessions we’ve engaged with thus far, Lerner’s texts and the Chinese-Sogdian archaeological oeuvre captivated my interest. For this [...]

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