Class Plan

  • Guest Lecture by  J. Keith Wilson, Curator of Ancient Chinese Art, Freer and Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian Institute
  • Advanced Omeka workshop: Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Neatline


Review the catalogue Expedition Silk Road: Journey to the West, from the Hermitage (BGC | NYU) Skim, the whole catalogue, but make sure to review essays that seem relevant to your research and give particular attention to these sections:

  • Essays:
    • A Journey to the West An Introduction
    • A Summary History of Central Asia
    • The Art of Sogdiana
  • Catalogue:
    • Ustrushana
    • Sogdiana

Watch this video of a lecture by Pavel Lurje (a member of the advisory panel who is a researcher at the Hermitage) (59:05)


Post three questions based on the catalogue and the Lurje video